Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bandung: Mission Accomplished!


After all the challenges and huddles, my trip to bandung finally become a success. *yeay*. The initial plan was to go for a whole week, but as human beings who are under the control of Almighty, I have to shorten the trip to 3 days 2 nights despite having to leave my other girlfriends to spend their millions of rupiah exploring the city and outskirts of bandung for another few days (sila baca dengan nada yang jeles).

Not to mention, I leave for Bandung one day earlier than the others and I would say it was a challenge for myself to travel alone in a new country even just for a day. And I'm proud to tell you, I passed the challenge succesfully!

Passing through the immigration alone, riding a taxi to Hotel Cemerlang, where I spent my first night, walking from the Hotel to Pasar Baru, shopping in Pasar Baru alone and riding Angkutan from Pasar Baru back to the hotel. It was all a smooth success, Alhamdulillah. The important thing is, you have to always ask for the local people's help especially for directions and which angkutan to take. They are very helpful. Shopping inside the Pasar Baru itself, at every shop that I went, they were suprised seeing me alone by myself and some even care to give pieces of advice on how to take care of my bags and wallets. And luckily, I met honest people where there's one time I'm trying to take out seven pieces of 100,000 IDR notes for a shirt  priced 70,000 IDR. (Mind you, I'm trying to pay 10x the actual price). Alhamdulillah, the owner return me back the money and tell me which IDR notes I have to give to him. Then, another occasion at the food court, I'm giving 5,000 IDR for a meal cost 27,000 IDR (I've mistaken 5,000 to 50,000). See, I'm so bad at all these ribuan and jutaan rupiah T_T.

The next day, upon arrival of my friends, we went to Tangkuban Parahu, Sari Ater Hot Spring, Lembang Floating Market and checked in to Hotel Salon Fora. At night, continuing my shopping at Rumah Mode. On the last day, we went to shop for more telekung and kain pasang, Kartika Sari for some brownies and airport for sending me home.

There goes my short trip to Bandung, Overall. I have to say that I had a new kind of experience as I met and mingle with different kind of people especially in the flight sitting next to me and at the KLIA2, where I met an Indonesian footballer who requested to go with me to the immigration since he doesnt know the direction. *Actually, aku pn xtau tapi buat2 konfiden jek tau*.

Ok then, sekarang dah bleh start berangan untuk next trip yg xtau kat mana and bile. LOL


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